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Messages to Members

Un DEA à l'école ? Absolument !

Comme les cardiologues Paul Poirier et François Philippon de l'Institut universitaire de cardiologie et de pneumologie de Québec, la FMSQ souhaite voir toutes les écoles secondaires publiques du... >>

10e JFI : dernière chance de vous inscrire !

Il ne reste que quelques jours pour vous inscrire à la 10e Journée de formation interdisciplinaire (JFI) de la FMSQ qui aura lieu au Palais des congrès de Montréal, les 17 et 18 novembre prochain.... >>

Reading Material of Interest

Médecin de rue (Street Physician)

Dr Jean Robert, a microbiologist, and an infectious and preventive medicine specialist, the founder of the Centre Sida Amitié des Laurentides and our Great Name in Quebec Medicine in the December 2012... >>

Great names in Quebec medicine

A Visceral Passion for the Patient

Constantly solicited as a guest professor or speaker, Dr Fred Saad has been traveling the world for many years. He takes part in conventions and other scientific meetings, directs research projects... >>

Passing on Knowledge

A sad event forged the life of our Great Name as well as that of his brothers and sisters. André Duranceau was barely 15 years old when his father, a brilliant lawyer with a great career, died of a... >>

Going beyond the limits of what is possible

Although his parents dreamt of seeing one of their children become a physician one day, for years our Great Name resisted the idea (even though he knew deep down he would choose a career in science).... >>