The Medical Specialist

The medical specialist is a healthcare professional who has undertaken specialized medical studies. To start with, the medical specialist holds a diploma in general medicine and, after more than five years of postdoctoral studies, has passed all qualifying examinations.


Generally speaking, medical specialists work in laboratories, in clinics or in one of the surgical specialties. For more details, refer to the section entitled Medical Manpower.




Service Organization in Quebec

In the health system, a patient must see a primary care physician before seeing a medical specialist. In Quebec, primary care is provided by general practitioners, family physicians and emergency physicians.



When primary care practitioners cannot dispense or make provision for the required treatment, patients are referred to a medical specialist who practices on the second or third line. The specialist is also the reference for primary care practitioners (general practitioners) in the development of a treatment plan supervised by a primary care medical team.

For information on the medical resources available in your region, please contact the instances specifically charged with this task, either your local health and social services centre (CSSS) or the medical association concerned.

Looking for a Medical Specialist?

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