A brief summary of a long process!

Formation académique pour devenir médecin spécialiste



Many medical specialists pursue further studies in a specific area of their medical specialty known as a subspecialization. The time required varies from one case to another. Following their subspecialization studies, they are known as Fellows.



Training a medical specialist, from primary school to subspecialization, thus represents between 21 and 25 years of schooling.

And it doesn't end there! Each year, a medical specialist must undertake some continuing medical education. Whether it is to discover or master the application of new technologies or new treatment methods, to follow the evolution of research and its most recent perspectives, to learn of the emergence of new pathologies and so on, the medical specialist needs to include a period dedicated to his or her professional development every day.

The medical specialist takes part in conferences, classes, exchanges with leaders and renowned researchers; gives speeches; documents research projects; compares diagnoses and treatment methods with peers, and so on. The end result is that the patient benefits from all this knowledge and the skills his or her medical specialist has developed over time.

In Quebec, four universities offer medical training: