The FMSQ salutes the appointment today of a trio of Ministers dedicated to the health of Quebeckers

  • The FMSQ will be an ally of this new trio of Ministers in healing the healthcare network
  • The FMSQ will pursue the deployment of its Action Plan to Increase Access to Care

Montreal, October 18, 2018 – The Fédération des médecins spécialistes du Québec (FMSQ) salutes the decision of the Premier, Mr. François Legault, to appoint a trio of Ministers dedicated to the Health sector within his government. To start with, the Federation offers its full cooperation to Danielle McCann, Minister of Health and Social Services; to Lionel Carmant, Junior Minister of Health and Social Services; and to Marguerite Blais, Minister for Seniors and Caregivers.

"By choosing a trio of Ministers, the government recognizes the extreme importance the population assigns to healthcare, as well as the extent of the task required to redress a network weakened by the successive reforms of recent years and the blatant work overload," affirms the President of the FMSQ, Dr Diane Francœur.

The FMSQ wishes that healing the network be the government's priority, as well as that of its three new Ministers, in order to deal with the issues of professional burnouts, the lack of staff, and retirements. In addition, the FMSQ proposes to extend its cooperation with the government to face the challenges of tomorrow for the network, such as the recourse to artificial intelligence.


The Action Plan to Increase Access to Care

The Federation wishes to maintain the climate of cooperation with the new government in order to pursue the deployment of the Action Plan to Increase Access to Care. Made up of 14 measures involving access to specialized medicine, surgery, and the renewal of the practice of specialized medicine, the plan directly benefits patients and other healthcare professionals.

For example, since the implementation of priority access to specialized services (Accès prioritaire aux services spécialisésor APSS), no less than 500,000 appointments were given out by the distribution centres (Centres de répartition des demandes de servicesor CRDSs). As well, the FMSQ's Pairing Plan in Anesthesiology avoided instances of lack of coverage throughout the summer.

"The recent climate of cooperation with the government allowed the deployment of this Action Plan to Increase Access to Care resulting directly from the FMSQ-MSSS Agreement which benefits Quebec's patients directly. We have lost count of all the testimonials from patients who are satisfied with these advances and who confirm their efficiency," added Dr Francœur.

The agreement between the government and medical specialists also makes possible the launching of another aspect of the Plan, specifically better access to surgery. Until then, the FMSQ will see to the implementation of more interdisciplinary teams to improve the care dispensed to patients.


About the FMSQ

The Fédération des médecins spécialistes du Québec represents more than 10,000 medical specialists certified in one of 59 recognized medical specialties. Its mission is to defend and support medical specialists from its affiliated associations who work in the public healthcare system while contributing to the advancement of quality care and services for the people of Quebec.