Intermediate Specialized Medicine Targets Exceeded : Collaborating rather than compelling

Declaration by Doctor Diane Francœur, President of the Fédération des médecins spécialistes du Québec (FMSQ)

Montreal, August 17, 2016 – "As provided for in our agreement with the government, medical specialists have reached, even exceeded, the agreed-upon intermediate targets. I have said it and I am repeating it : we committed ourselves to delivering results and we will succeed.

"The results presented this morning by the Minister of Health and Social Services proves that collaborating is more effective than compelling. We did not need a bludgeon law to improve access to specialized care. We needed a mutual commitment, from both the government and ourselves. For once, the government invested the resources necessary to reach the targets for the four measures. Working together and finding solutions to problematic situations gives results. For example, all surgeons want to operate, and not have their waiting list stretch out. And yet, we need conditions that allow it and that's the government's responsibility.

"Within the framework of this endeavour, it must be said that the FMSQ encourages positive leadership. We have identified 'champions' within the hospital network to export and apply winning strategies developed by their teams and this to help all hospitals improve their way of doing things, if needed, and produce probative results. In fact, both hospitals and patients are the winners. On the other hand, I wish to emphasize that we work with government representatives who want the same thing.

"Setting targets is one thing, but with the healthcare network in its present condition, nothing is simple and targets were established with this in mind. These targets are realistic, but once again, the government has to respect its commitment. Just like the Minister, we too will closely follow results and what is said about them to the population. If there is a slackening on the part of the government with regards to its commitment and that this prevents us from reaching our targets, we will not hesitate to denounce it.

"These four measures will not solve all of the problems of the healthcare network, but it's by working together that we will improve the situation. I'm convinced that patients will see the difference."

The Fédération des médecins spécialistes du Québec represents more than 10,000 medical specialists certified in one of 59 recognized medical specialties.