We Keep Our Word!

The Couillard government is asking medical specialists to (once again!) defer the sums that were due during the last two years of the catch-up agreement signed in 2006. At that time, Quebec medical specialists earned, on average, 50% less than their Canadian colleagues.


Because we know that public finances are in bad shape, at the Fédération des médecins spécialistes du Québec, we are still ready to do our part.

The FMSQ wants to negotiate in good faith with the government. Many meetings have been held, propositions have been made, but since July 17th, the Minister of Health is no longer responding.

Why is it that, today, the government refuses to honour the agreement it signed in 2006? Why is it that, knowing what annual sums were involved, the government hasn't budgeted for its payments accordingly? Why is it that, today, the government is reneging on its word, both to us, as medical specialists, and to you, as patients? We, as your medical specialists, will still take care of you, but since our health system is in such bad shape, waiting lists are tremendous.

Nevertheless, WE keep our word.


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