To help meet the needs of medical specialists, the FMSQ has created two subsidiaries: the Professionals' Financial and Sogemec Assurances. Through them, the FMSQ works to ensure the financial health of its members by offering them a range of financial services and benefits. All members of the Federation are shareholders in these two subsidiaries, which also serve other professionals (notaries, dentists, architects, pharmacists, etc.).


Created by medical specialists in 1978 and a subsidiary of the FMSQ, Professionals' Financial has developed a range of wealth management products and services which are fully tailored to your profession and to your stage of life. Focused on your goals, our personalized assistance allows you to benefit from our specialists' experience and know-how.

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Sogemec Assurances inc. is a financial services provider that acts as an insurance broker. Established in 1968, its mission is to help its clients make the best insurance decisions for themselves by suggesting specific solutions which fully meet their professional and personal needs. Thanks to its continuously growing clientele, Sogemec Assurances has become a major actor in the insurance industry.

Whether the need is for life, disability, drugs, travel, residential, automobile or business insurance, Sogemec Assurances inc. negotiates the best possible terms for its clients.