Under the President's responsibility, the FMSQ's headquarters is responsible for ensuring the implementation of all federation decisions and the sound management of the organization. Located in Montreal, it employs some 40 individuals who work in seven dectorates.

Economic Affairs

Dr. Isabelle Girard, Director

The Economic Affairs Directorate (EAD) is responsible for preparing, studying and analyzing various data regarding medical acts, their respective descriptors and their fees. The EAD supplies the tools and economic studies that are needed by the FMSQ for its representations insofar as the renewal of the Framework Agreement with the MSSS is concerned, as well as regarding the organization of health care and services. It also provides support to members who have invoicing or payment problems with the RAMQ. The EAD is also in charge of the IT department and its activities.


Legal Affairs and Negotiation

Vacant position

The Legal Affairs and Negotiations Directorate (LAND) is responsible for negotiating agreements as well as for the ongoing management of current issues that could have legal repercussions for the FMSQ. The negotiation of agreements involves an ongoing process with the MSSS, as well as with other government bodies such as the SAAQ, the CSST and the RRQ who benefit from the expertise of medical specialists. The LAND takes part in ongoing negotiations to resolve various isolated problems. The Framework Agreement is generally subjected to an overall re-negotiation over a longer period, usually every three or four years.


Professional Affairs

Dr. Jean-Denis Roy, Director

The Professional Affairs Department (PAD) supports work of the medical specialists or representatives of the affiliated associations on a daily basis concerning the Master Agreement with the MSSS (letters of agreement and schedules), the Medical Act and the Code of Ethics. The Department plays an active role on the Specialized Medical Staffing Management Committee (comité de gestion des effectifs médicaux spécialisés), which evaluates staffing needs and promotes the distribution of medical specialists throughout Quebec in an endeavour to ensure the optimal organization of specialized medical services. It is also on the lookout to identify medical specialists' needs so that action can be taken regarding their conditions of practice and remuneration, and to set up and maintain files on the organization of medical services and conditions of practice. The PAD is a partner in the Quebec Physicians' Assistance Program (Programme d'aide aux médecins du Québec), and plays a role in the annual review of the three-year policy on registrations in medical training programs.


Public Affairs and Communications

Jacques Tétrault

The Public Affairs and Communications Directorate (PACD) contributes to the FMSQ's strategic positioning. It manages the Federation's communications as a whole for its various publics. It informs medical specialists with updates on activities, orientations, position statements and other subjects of importance to members. The PACD produces, for its members and for all who are interested in the stakes involved for specialized medicine in Quebec, communication tools like Le Spécialiste, the FMSQ's official magazine, an electronic newsletter, and a website. It also ensures the Federation's presence on social media (Twitter, Facebook, etc.). In addition, the PACD represents the FMSQ in its relations with the media, government representatives and the health sector's partners and organizations.


Continuing Professional Development

Dr. Sam J. Daniel, Director

The Continuing Professional Development Directorate (CPDD) is charged with promoting educational activities, continuing professional development and skills maintenance among medical specialists. The CPDD organizes educational activities in collaboration with the FMSQ's affiliated medical associations and other partners. The CPDD sees itself as a partner in the planning and delivery of quality health care in Quebec.



Finances and Administrative Services

Julie Voiselle, CPA, CA, M.Sc., Director

This Directorate regroups finance, accounting, auxiliary services, member services and the staffing of the reception area. It aims to provide the FMSQ with the best tools available so that the latter, in turn, can offer the best services possible to its affiliated medical associations and members. The Directorate oversees day-to-day management, security and updating all operations.