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Financière des professionnels
À l’affût - Le bulletin électronique de la FMSQ
October 4, 2018 Edition

The President’s Touch
Let's get the healthcare network back on solid footing

The Fédération des médecins spécialistes du Québec saluted the newly-elected Coalition Avenir Québec government on October 1st. In addition, it reiterated its view that caring for the healthcare network is vital.

  La présidente
      Dr Diane Francœur

Secret d’histoire History’s Secrets
•   One hundred years ago, the great killer...

Federation Affairs
•   11th Interdisciplinary Educational Day (11e journée de formation interdisciplinaire) •   Have you tried the Personalized
Feedback Program on Your Practice?

In The News
•   France is rethinking
its healthcare system
•   Worrisome "non-recommendations"!
•   Vaccination… or a substantial fine! •   Sweden is sick!
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Of Interest to You
•   How to play with a smoker's lung... •   Looking for hidden gluten
•   A hue and cry over fake news! •   To stop smoking: let the light shine in!
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News Releases
•   Intimité et secret dans les soins
(Intimacy and Secrecy in Healthcare)

•   Santé et maladie au cinéma
(Health and sickness in the movies)

Unusual News
•   A very special trip... into outer space! •   Toxoplasmosis responsible
for business sense!
•   Detecting cancer with the help
of an artificial beauty spot
•   Strong triceps to fight against
type 2 diabetes
•   Valuable blockchains!!! •   Steve Austin exists!
•   Do you suffer from motion sickness? Try these glasses!      


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